Rift Planes of Telara Guide

If you have been looking for a good Rift Planes of Telara Guide, you have come to the right place. This MMORPG is quite complicated and contains a lot of new elements even for those who are veterans of the genre.

As you explore the world of Rift and read through this Rift guide, you will discover that there are a lot of unusual features about Rift which we will strive to help you understand which you can read about below.

A great place to get started on this Rift game guide is with our guide on callings. Each calling guide has multiple articles which tell you what the best soul combinations are, how to gear your character, and how to level up quickly with each class – basically everything you need to know to get started!

Looking for a good Elder Scrolls Online Guide? Then head over to www.esoguide.org where they have builds, tips, leveling strategies, and other similar sections similar to our Rift guide. ESO is very popular these days, so I figured it would be good to share this site with those that are looking for info on ESO in addition to Rift.

Check out these links below to be brought to the Rift guide specific to your calling (class) of choice. They are loaded with articles specific to each calling:

Update for Release

Rift has is now live and I have been playing quite a bit! In fact, as of March 6th I am now level 50. If you are still leveling up, the first thing you should do when browsing this Rift guide is to check out the following post:

Tips from a Level 50

In this post, I reveal 20 important lessons I picked up on my way to level 50 in Rift. You can use this as a mini Rift guide so that you can level up quicker, save tons of platinum, and end up at level 50 in short amount of time with an epic mount and great gear.

Rift Game Guide

If you have never played Rift before, there are two major things that are unique to Rift which are not found in any other game: Souls and Rifts.


In Rift, players are able to select one of four primary classes: Cleric, Mage, Warrior, or Rogue. However, your abilities are actually determined off of which “souls” you have equipped to your character.

Within each class, there are a total of eight souls. Each of the eight souls has one of several roles and a completely unique talent and ability tree.

Players can equip up to 3 souls and can eventually unlock all the souls via quests. They can then change them out at any time (for a small price).

You can place your talent points (which you receive for leveling up) amongst the souls as you please.

However, it is best to pick a primary soul to put most of your points in (as you get access to good abilities this way) and to use 1-2 other souls for support or buffs.

As an example:

Clerics specialize in healing, but the Shaman soul is built for melee damage. Clerics can use this soul to level up and solo with and swap it out for a healing soul when it is time for dungeons or raids.

Warriors have a variety of souls which do completely different things:

The Champion soul plays like a traditional damage-dealing warrior and uses a 2-hand weapon.

The Paragon soul uses 2 weapons and has some powerful melee and ranged attacks.

The Riftblade soul uses mostly magic damage for its attacks and can deal a surprising amount of damage casting spells from range.

The Beastmaster soul summons pets to aid the warrior, making it a solid choice for leveling.

..and those are just half of the current souls available for Warriors (the other ones are tanking-based).

The point is you can come up with a large number of classes. This Rift Planes of Telara guide will come in handy in helping you pick the best souls for leveling up quickly and doing the most damage.

Throughout this Rift guide, you will find more specific leveling builds for each of the callings, so be sure to read those articles for more details.


The other interesting part of Rift Planes of Telara are the rifts themselves. As you are exploring the world, Rifts will appear randomly. Invaders, monsters, and all sorts of enemies will pour through these rifts.

You can band together with other adventurers to defeat them for some cool rewards. They are a lot of fun and can be an amazing source of experience points. By following the strategies in this Rift guide, you can also manage to solo quite a few of these as well.

While no Rift game guide can truly prepare you for Rifts and invasions (because of their random nature), you will find information on how to access these events and maximize your rewards on this site!

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