Best Rift PvP Builds

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideMany Rift Planes of Telara players are very interested in the PvP aspect of the game. With a variety of Warfronts (similar to WoW’s battlegrounds) and a variety of PvP objectives, those who desire to PvP will find plenty to do.

However, if you want to PvP, you will need to get a good build going. In this article, I will be going over each of the four callings and revealing the best PvP build and souls to use to maximize your PvP performance.


Since Warrior is likely to be the most popular PvP class in Rift, I figured we would start with this soul. At the top-level, the best PvP build will be a Void Knight and Riftblade hybrid. Even in spite of recent nerfs, this class still rocks.

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You get a variety of mana burning effects and magic damage attacks, yet still wear plate and can use a shield. You can simultaneously be anti-melee and anti-caster at the same time!

I recommend starting off as a Void Knight with your side points in Riftblade for PvP. At a low-level, healing is very, very strong but mana is limited, so the sooner you can use Soul Pillage and Catalyze, the better. Use Flame Spear to build up combo points.


For Cleric, the most well-rounded PvP build includes a heavy focus in Purifier, a moderate focus in Inquisitor, and a few points in Warden. Purifier is an excellent PvP healer, whereas Inquisitor allows you to dish out some damage and gives you access to the almighty Purge ability.

Purge makes you a nightmare on the field, allowing you to strip healing over time spells, buffs, and shields, making the target defenseless against group focus fire. Warden adds a nice touch by giving you a few heal over time spells so you can use them on yourself or allies and go back to more important spells.

Alternatively, you could go full Inquisitor/Cabalist to be a mage-like class with great AoE damage. I do not recommend playing a melee cleric in Warfronts as they are probably one of the worst Rift PvP builds.


While many players like to play melee Rogues, I think the best spec is a Marksman and Bard hybrid. Marksman deals great burst damage and Bard provides excellent buffs for the group. Melee Rogues lack survivability and are often focus-fired down when you try to move into a group.

Saboteur rocks in the level 10-19 bracket, but its burst damage becomes a lot less powerful at higher levels as player’s HP gain quickly outpaces the scaling on Blast Charge and Detonate.


In my experience, traditional Mage souls feel very weak in warfronts. However, the Dominator and Stormcaller provide two interesting options. The Dominator is one of the starting souls in the entire game which has a variety of talents geared towards PvP.

Transmogrify is the best PvP ability in the entire game across all four callings, period. Additionally, a fully talented Stormcaller and Archon combo gets so many control abilities and debuffs while still being able to dish out solid damage.

However, this class is going to require some skill to play. It is not something where you press a few buttons and instantly beat other players and definitely is not a brain-dead spec like the Void Knight / Riftblade combo.

Personally, I have seen several Mages that are complete nightmares in Warfronts. Knockback is particularly annoying, especially when you are trying to assault the Vault in Codex and a Mage keeps pushing you off the ledge!

Best Rift PvP Builds Conclusion

No matter what calling you decide to play, all the callings have viable PvP options. Additionally, some of this information is subject to change as the game is so new, certain combinations are likely to be nerfed whereas others are likely to be buffed.

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