Rift Butchering Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this Rift Butchering guide, I will be going over the best places to level up butchering for both Guardians and Defiants.

Unlike the other gathering professions, butchering is very easy to level and you will actually make a bit of money by leveling it up yourself rather than by buying materials off the auction house and trying to craft for skill ups.

The reason for this is that you can stay in the camps recommend in this Rift Butchering guide for lot of skill-ups (there are only a few camps total) which makes it very simple to hit max level.

Instead of running around for a few hours to chase down 60 nodes, you can pull all the monsters you need together, AoE them down, and skin for a quick 5-10 skill-ups!

In fact, by following this guide you can easily go from 1-270 (maxing out takes a bit longer) in an hour or two (depending on how hard you concentrate) and make some platinum in the process.

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Also, this Rift butchering guide higher-level player going back and leveling up butchering. If you do butchering as you level up, all you have to do is harvest enemies you defeat while questing and you can easily get up to 270+ butchering without even going out of your way.

Below, I will be giving coordinates rather than pictures so you can print this off instead of having to tab back and forth between in-game and this site. If you open up your map, you can see coordinates along the bottom bar.

Rift Butchering Guide 1-110

For levels 1-110, Guardians and Defiant are still in their starting zones, so different spots are recommended for each.

Guardian Locations

1-45: To start off, defeat and harvest the Vespids right by Rudi’s Wagon in Silverwood. Coordinates are (6219, 3539).

45-65: For these next 20 points, defeat and skin the hounds and bats that are in between Gloamwood Pines (5191, 3115) and Gnarlwood Post (5389, 2076).

65-110: For these levels, head to the hound cave at (3013, 3007) in Gloamwood. You can skin these for awhile and the spawns are really dense.

Defiant Locations

1-45: The wolves in Freemarch at (6399, 4545) work well for Defiants starting off.

45-110: The Sicklehorns in Stonefield at (5709, 4642) will take you up to 110.

Combined Guide

From levels 110+, I will recommend the same locations for both factions. While they might technically be in the “Guardian side” of a shared zone, these spawns are pretty dense and make leveling quick.

110-150: For these levels, I strongly recommend heading to (3531, 3681), also known as Carwin’s Shrine in Scarwood. The Vespids here work great as part of this Rift butchering guide since there are a bunch which only have half the HP of normal enemies.

150-180: The Boars in Moonshade Highlands at (7133, 1740) will take you up to 180 (or higher if you choose).

180-225: The Shadowstalkers and wolves in Iron Pine Peak at (4164, 1530) work well.

225-270: Head to Endless Citadel in Stillmoor and butcher Mathosian Hunting Dogs at (1216, 2743). These are level 50.

For getting Soulhide, I prefer the bats at (1880, 2050) since they have half HP. They are a bit lower level butchering than the dogs however.

270-300: You cannot do 270-300 out in the world but rather have to do expert-level instances (or perhaps raid rifts?).

An easy spot to get ironhide and skill-ups is in Abyssal Precipice in expert mode. The packs of skittering monsters that you have to beat can all be butchered and they come about 8-10 in a pack, so harvesting is fast.

Rift Butchering Guide Conclusion

You now have a clear idea of where to go to quickly move up to the max level in butchering. Thanks for checking out the Rift Butchering Guide!

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