Rift Classes

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideMany people want to know what all of the Rift classes are. The truth is that classes actually do not exist in Rift Planes of Telara! This is what makes Rift truly unique and an improvement over older MMORPGs (the genre of game Rift is in).

What other games typically refer to as classes are called callings in Rift. While referring to Rift classes them as callings may seem like just semantics, in reality there is actually a distinction worthy of the name change.

In other MMORPGs, there are a variety of classes (sometimes called jobs) that players can chose from. Additionally, each “class” fills a certain role in the game.

For example, in a traditional MMORPG will have a Priest or Cleric which heals, a Mage which deals damage, and a Warrior which tanks. There are usually additional classes, but each class fits into a specific role (or is specifically a hybrid of several roles).

Rift Callings

There are four callings (classes) in Rift: Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, and Mage. However Rift classes act in an entirely different way! Below, I will explain the class system and exactly how it works.

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However, if you already know about Rift classes and want to know about a specific calling, check out these guides (each guide has many articles on each individual calling, including best builds):

The Soul System

Within each calling, there are 8 (with more to come) “souls” from which you can chose from. Players can unlock every soul for their calling and can equip 3 souls at once.

Players get to pick which soul they want to equip within their calling to create completely individualized Rift classes. Here is how it works:

  • Each soul comes with something known as a soul tree. This is not unlike a talent tree found in other games (older MMOs, WoW, and Diablo 2 come to mind) except that it also comes with a “root” system.
  • As you spend your skill points in a soul tree, the “roots” become unlocked as well in a linear fashion. The “roots” unlock the core abilities of Rift classes.
  • You can change souls for a small fee at your class trainer and can purchase up to 4 different soul combinations that you can swap through at any time.

To clarify, each calling in Rift has no default abilities. You get all your abilities by putting skill points in a soul tree (via the “roots” of the soul tree) and you get to select which talents you want within each soul.

Where things get a little bit crazy (and awesome) is that each soul is completely different. Rift classes share no abilities – you unlock every single ability from ability points. In other games, each talent tree tends to have similar features and each class has the same sort of abilities.

Unique Rift Classes

If you have not yet experienced the difference between souls, it is incredibly different from other MMORPGs. While it may sound cool to have 8 different talent trees, let me give you an example of how drastic a calling can differ. For this example, we will use the Rogue.

The Rogue has 8 primary souls: Assassin, Bard, Riftstalker, Marksman, Ranger, Blade Dancer, Saboteur, and Nightblade.

The Assassin and Blade Dancer and are what MMORPG veterans expect from a Rogue: one soul (the Assassin) dual wields daggers and specializes in sneak attacks and poison, whereas the other soul (Blade Dancer) dual wields larger weapons (swords, maces, or axes) and specializes in parrying and dodging attacks.

However, there are 6 more souls to choose from when putting together your Rogue. Here are some additional options:

  • The Bard soul actually has moderate group healing abilities, moderate damage, and when fully talented has some of the best buffs in the game.
  • The Nightblade plays like an Assassin but deals fire (magic) damage instead of physical damage
  • The Riftstalker is a tank with multiple threat-generation abilities and self-generated shields
  • The Marksman is one of the highest single-target DPS classes in game and uses ranged weapons
  • The Hunter is similar to the Marksman but trades damage in exchange for a pet
  • The Saboteur is completely different from any class I have seen and uses bombs as a primary weapon

As you can see, your Rogue does not just have to be a sneaky thief class but rather has access to multiple Rift classes. Since you can change your equipped souls at any time you can play nearly any type of traditional “class” within each Rift calling.

The variety mentioned above is just the beginning. Do not forget that you can combine multiple classes together since you get enough talent points to distribute among several souls (and can equip 3 souls at once).

You have just enough talent points to grab the final talent in two souls, but you can always put more talent points in a single soul to unlock more root abilities.

This unlocks even more Rift classes. For example, you can go 32 Bard and 32 Marksman and have a very powerful group class which deals tons of damage but can also heal and buff the group at the same time. This is an excellent 5-man and PvP class.

Alternatively, you could stack up your Riftstalker with Blade Dancer for the ultimate avoidance tank. You could even then throw a few points in Bard for some self-healing!

The possibilities are endless (well, almost) as you can come up with several hundred Rift classes for each calling!

Rift Game Classes Conclusion

The key point is that you can be almost anything you want in Rift within any of the callings. The “off-specs” within each calling are actually good. The Bard for example is a complete support class within the Rogue calling, as is the Marksman and both will be wanted in groups and end-game.

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