Rift Cleric Gameplay

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In this Rift Cleric overview I will be revealing the pros and cons of the class, the basic mechanics, and viable roles this class plays in Rift Planes of Telara.

Rift Cleric Overview

The Cleric is a versatile calling and is the Rift game’s primary healer. While technically a caster, this class can wear chain (the second toughest armor, second only to plate) and has several melee-oriented souls.

As a result, this class is able to deal decent melee damage (great for leveling up and solo-play), making it a little different from the traditional healing classes. It also has two damage-dealing souls which are quite effective in PvP play.

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Unlike in other MMOs, where healers with high armor (i.e. the WoW Paladin) have to sacrifice healing ability for improved defense, the Cleric is a high-defense character without sacrificing healing capabilities. After all, the Cleric has by far the best healing-oriented souls in Rift.

Rift Cleric Mechanics

The Cleric is a traditional caster in that the vast majority of its abilities require mana. Unlike other the Mage, however, the Cleric’s mana-regeneration abilities are not quite as powerful and running out of mana is a very real possibility if you heal too much.

Fortunately, the Cleric thrives off the wisdom stat, which both increases spell power and improves mana regeneration. A well-geared Cleric will experience fast passive mana regeneration (much more so than a Mage).

Some souls have special mechanics beyond mana. For example, the Justicar gets “Convictions” when using its melee abilities. It can hold up to 4 convictions and certain spells (such as healing ones) require 1 conviction to use.

Rift Cleric Strengths

The primary strength of Rift Cleric gameplay is in its healing capabilities. This class is hands-down the best healer in game and if you want to heal as a primary healer you need to pick Cleric as your calling.

Additionally, this class is great at soloing. While the Cleric’s damage is quite low, one aspect of Rift Cleric gameplay is that it is very hard to die. When playing with Justicar, the Cleric gets powerful and instant self-healing abilities, allowing him to take on several enemies at once and even soloing some tougher creatures from invasions and Rifts.

For example, when going from 1-20 I never died on my Cleric except when participating in a Rift event that was 5 levels above me. You actually have to go out of your way to die when playing as a Cleric in Rift.

This class can tank when necessary as well. While I suspect Warriors will be the premiere tanks for raiding, I do not see why a Justicar would be unable to tank any 5-man dungeon in the game.

The final thing I really like about the Rift Cleric is its PvP tree. The Purifier and Inquisitor make a potent combo.

Rift Cleric Weaknesses

While the Rift Cleric can do nearly anything, it does have a few weaknesses: DPS and melee PvP.

Out of all the classes, the Cleric definitely does the lowest damage. However, this is in the name of balance; the Cleric is already the best healer and has great survivability. If the Cleric was the best at dealing damage, then everyone would be a Cleric!

Additionally, you will need to pick up a caster-oriented spec for group PvP (such as Warfronts). While the melee builds are great for leveling, they are useless in Warfronts. You just do not deal enough damage or put out enough healing to do anything as a melee Cleric.

Rift Cleric Gameplay Conclusion

Overall, I feel that the Cleric is a strong class and when played right with the right spec, it can participate in literally any aspect of the game. With that said, I would recommend the Cleric for players who do not want to do any healing. If you want to deal damage, look elsewhere!

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