Rift Cleric PvP Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideClerics (along with Warriors) are one of the best PvP classes in Rift. By far and away, Clerics are the best healers, have great mitigation and HP totals, and yet can still deal considerable amounts of damage, frequently topping the damage meters of Warfronts I have been in.

In this Rift Cleric PvP guide, I will be going over the two roles which Clerics excel at in Warfronts and what builds best support these roles. By filling a useful niche in a warfront, you significantly increase your team’s chance winning.

Cleric Roles

The Cleric has two primary roles in Warfronts: Healing and DPS. In the sections below, we will discuss each role.


Without a doubt, healing is one of the most powerful things a Cleric can bring to a group warfront, especially at level 50. By level 50, Bard (Rogue) and Mage (Chloro) healing is not nearly as strong as it was at earlier levels. This results in an effective increase in the Cleric’s power, as mentioned throughout this Rift Cleric PvP guide.

In particular, the Cleric shines in its single-target and instant-healing capacity. At level 50, the amount of total HP each player has increases significantly as players get epic PvP gear, whereas the strength of Chloromancer and Bard heals do not scale to keep up with this. As a result, the single target heals that a Cleric can provide are very valuable.

There are many viable healing specs, but one of the best is a Purifier and Warden mix. Purifier provides a lot of PvP talents and shields, whereas Warden provides some instant healing. The HoTs are very useful for being able to put heals on multiple group members while healing yourself against attacks. Shields are great because a lot of times you can put a shield up and cap a flag. If the enemy DPS cannot pierce the shield, you do not get interrupted!

In nearly any Warfront, the more healers that are available, the better off your team fairs. However, there is a point of diminishing returns. I have found that 1.5 healers every 5 players is ideal (3 for The Black Garden, 6 for The Battle of Port Scion, etc).

When there are too many healers, you would be better off speccing for for full DPS.


As a Cleric, only caster DPS is truly viable in Warfronts. Melee Clerics do not do as much damage and they are also very kiteable. In other words, players will snare you and you just do not have enough talents or abilities to get in range. As a result, an Inquisitor and Cabalist build is quite effective.

Clerics are actually the masters of AoE damage. In particular, the Soul Drain spell does massive amounts of AoE damage. However, many people do not realize when this is best used.

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In particular, this class shines at very tight battles when players are clumped together. This occurs at two place: the Graveyard in The Battle of Port Scion and regularly throughout The Black Garden. Cast AoE spells on players near the flag or around the fang to dish out massive amounts of damage and slowly wear the other team.

Being Flexible

Thanks to Rifts easy combat system, you can be most effective when you use two dedicated builds rather than making a “hybrid” role. For example, in The Black Garden, when your team is trying to get the fang back, you play as your DPS spec. When your team has the fang and is holding it, you can switch to your healing spec.

Roles in Warfronts

As mentioned, certain playstyles lend themselves to certain places.

  • The Black Garden – For the initial assault, DPS (AoE) around the flag is very effective. Use your DPS spec to get the fang back, and switch over to healing whenever your team holds the flag.
  • The Codex – For the Codex, a healing spec is almost always superior. Since it is a game of domination, the longer your team stays alive at a flag, the better off they fair.
  • Whitefall Steppes – When it comes to capture the flag, healing specs are almost always superior to DPS specs. However, if you are on a team that is trying to take the flag back from the enemy’s base, an AoE spec could work.
  • The Battle of Port Scion – This is one warfront where the Cleric’s caster DPS specs really shines. As many as 20 player will crowd around the Bridge flag, which you can dish out tons of damage with AoE attacks.

Rift Cleric PvP Guide Conclusion

There are several specializations which can work in warfronts for the Cleric. Do your team a favor and ditch the melee spec and stick to casting, whether it be damage-dealing or healing.

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