Rift Cleric Souls List

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideCurrently, there are 8 souls in this Rift Cleric souls list. Each one has a separate function and as a result it can be quite confusing figure out what each soul does.

Fortunately, I have played this class thoroughly and have created this Rift Cleric souls guide to help you figure out what each soul does and its ideal use.

Note that more souls (PvP oriented) are under development. This section will expand as necessary to accommodate those, so check back often!

Rift Cleric Souls List

Without further ado, here are the souls available to the Rift Cleric:


The Cabalist is the Cleric’s highest damage soul. It is a caster-based soul that deals primarily in death damage. While it does not deal quite as much damage as a Mage, it is a decent off-spec when more damage is required.

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It also has an early talent which significantly increases resistance to elemental spells. Combined with a healing soul, this will class will be a nightmare for Mages to fight in 1v1.


The Druid is a very unusual soul which acts as a true hybrid amongst all the Cleric’s functions. This class primarily deals melee damage, but it also has some healing spells, offensive magic spells, and even damage-absorbing shields.

The Druid is the only Cleric soul to have a pet. With that said, its early pet (the Faerie) is quite weak, only offering very modest damage and healing to the Druid. It is the only early pet that does not tank. It sits in the back and deals very modest damage. You have to invest a lot of points in Druid to get access to the best pets (Satyr and Greater Faerie).


The Inquisitor is very close to the Cabalist in nature. The Inquisitor trades in some damage for self-healing abilities. As a result, this class is likely to be preferred in PvP, especially with the talents that increase burst damage.

With that said, the line is indeed quite thin between Cabalist and Inquisitor, making them both viable for PvP in my opinion.


The Justicar is the one soul on this Rift Cleric souls list that everyone will want to become familiar with. This soul is in my opinion a key soul for leveling up with. By putting just 11 points in this soul, you get powerful healing self-healing spells which cost very little mana.

This soul is also the Rift Cleric tanking soul. By investing more points in this tree you get multiple mitigation and threat-generating talents. I believe the Justicar will be a very effective off-tank when geared properly.


The Purifier is a PvP-oriented healing soul. This soul gets Purge and Cauterize which are two of the best abilities in the game. The Purifier is the only class that I have seen that is able to dispel physical debuffs on friendly targets. For example, you can use Cauterize to cleanse off bleeds and physical snares that may have been applied by a Warrior or Rogue.

When combined with Inquisitor or Cabalist, this will be a great 1v1 PvP set-up and will be effective for solo queuing in Warfronts or participating in World PvP options.


The Sentinel tops the list of Rift Cleric Souls as the best healing soul for Cleric. The Sentinel has many of the abilities a traditional healer should has in other MMORPG games.

This class has a lot of great abilities including a mana-restoring ability, an in-combat resurrection spell, powerful heals of all types: casted, instant, and area of effect. This is the #1 healing soul on this Rift Cleric souls list.


Shaman is the melee-DPS soul for the Cleric. Note that the actual damage of this class is lower than souls from other callings. This is absolutely necessary as a Shaman/Purifier (or another healing soul combo) would be too powerful if this was not the case.

With that said, you can use the Justicar/Shaman combo to great effect when leveling up. The Shaman is also a good off-spec for farming or soloing for a Cleric.

The other unique thing about the Shaman class is that they are the only soul to get buffs that provide resistance to every type of element. They can then share these raid-wide when talented. For this reason, a single Shaman may be used in raids to reduce elemental damage.


Warden is another primary healing soul for the Cleric. What distinguishes this soul from the Sentinel is its healing over time abilities and its ability to remove curses from allies.

The Wardens healing over time spells are very powerful and many effect multiple party members. It does lack direct healing capacity, however. With that said, you can spec into both Warden and Sentinel for the ultimate healing class.

Rift Cleric Souls List Conclusion

The Cleric has a multitude of souls to choose which serve a variety of functions. The variety of souls gives the Cleric the unprecedented ability to play any role in the game!

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