Rift Cleric Stats

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideWondering what the best Rift Cleric stats are? In this article, I will be revealing exactly what type of stats you should seek to maximize when playing with the Cleric for all of its roles.

Since the Cleric has so many roles in Rift, I have broken down this post to include the best stats for each type of role in Rift.

Rift Cleric Stats – Casters

Unlike any other casting class, the biggest fear for healers is running out of mana. Given the massive amount of healing you can get by stacking up two healing classes like Sentinel and Warden, the biggest issue for a healing Cleric is actually running out of mana.

As a result, healing Clerics should seek to maximize Wisdom as much as possible as Wisdom increases mana regeneration. Unlike the Mage, a large portion of the Cleric’s spellpower (i.e. the strength of their heals) is also based on Wisdom.

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Clerics can benefit from Intellect as a secondary stat as this does increase the strength of their heals some in addition to increasing max mana and spell critical hit rate.

Out of the secondary stats, +spell power is most important, whereas +spell critical comes in second place. Critical heals become more important late in the game when players are get good talents which give bonuses for critical heals (deep in Sentinel and Warden soul trees).

Spell focus is completely unnecessary for healers as heals do not miss.

For dealing magic damage with the Cleric, things are not much different. The only thing that changes is you will need some +spell focus and +spell power is your #1 stat over wisdom (whereas the opposite is true for healers).

Rift Cleric Melee DPS Stats

For Clerics playing the melee class, things actually do not change much. Thanks to buffs like Courage of the Jaguar (Shaman) and Power of the Fae (Druid), Clerics convert their spell power to attack power, spell critical hit to physical critical hit, and spell focus to physical hit.

There are a few primary differences, however. First off, melee Clerics need to maximize their weapon damage. Secondly, spell power is actually the best stat rather than Wisdom. This is because melee classes have a lot of mana-restore abilities and do not rely on passive generation as much.

Since spell power converts to attack power on a 1:1 ratio (whereas Wisdom only does so on a 1 wisdom:.75 spell power ratio), getting good +spell power items will significantly improve the power of your attacks.

Spell crit (both the raw stat and from intelligence) are also more important as critical hits for a melee class are more important than for a healer. Spell Focus becomes important as well as this translates to melee hit.

The primary difference between healing Clerics and melee Clerics is that healing Clerics should focus exclusively on Wisdom and spell power with Wisdom being their #1 stat whereas melee Clerics need to focus on Spell Power with spell crit as their #2 stat.

Rift Cleric Tank Stats

For Rift Clerics that are tanking, things change a bit. First off, the most important thing is to take a look at the effects of Mien of Leadership. This increases the effect of endurance for Clerics by 80%!

Since you get such a huge bonus from endurance, this is your #1 stat. Getting a huge maximum HP pool helps make up for the fact that Clerics are wearing chain instead of mail.

The other unique thing about Cleric tanks is that they have a lot of natural block. Between Precept of Refuge, Safe Haven, and Mien of Leadership, Clerics have a really high innate chance to block.

Combine that with Valor (increased block strength) and Commitment (increased generation) and it turns out it is really good when Clerics can block. Look for pieces of gear which enhance this block-rate as much as possible.

Finally, Clerics will need Toughness; getting hit with a critical strike can be very damaging for a Cleric given the fact that they wear chain.

Wisdom and Intelligence are not incredibly valuable for the Cleric tank, but they are better than no stats at all when combined with the Shaman’s Courage of the Jaguar.

Rift Cleric Stats Conclusion

To sum up everything that has been discussed so far, healing Clerics should seek to maximize Wisdom, DPS Clerics (both melee and casting) should maximize spell power, and Tanks need to maximize Endurance. Keep that in mind when picking up gear for your Cleric!

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