Rift Mage PvP Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideThe way a Mage is played in Rift PvP is far different from any other class. Think of it like this:

“EZ-mode” callings like the Warrior and Clerics follow a traditional bell curve, in which most players are average in PvP (they are able to compete but do not outright dominate) whereas a handful of players utterly dominate and a handful of players are terrible.

Mages on the other hand are different in nature. The curve is rather an exponential decay, where most players are utterly terrible, a handful are decent, and only the select few truly dominate as Mages in PvP in Rift. The developers have stated they are looking to buff Mage survivability a bit to bring them in line with other classes, but for now if you play a Mage you are living with this reality.

It is my goal of this Rift Mage PvP Guide to teach you how to play a Mage so you can dominate with your Mage and begin to enjoy Rift PvP. We will start with Rift Mage PvP builds and move into a Rift Mage PvP guide for each warfront.

Rift Mage PvP Builds

In my opinion, there is only one viable Mage soul set-up for PvP while leveling up and one viable set up at level 50. You can put points in different talents based on preference, but the end result is the same.

Build for Leveling Up: Warlock / Necromancer / Dominator

When leveling up, you want to spec into these three souls. You actually do not have to put many points in Dominator, simply getting Transmogrify is good enough.

Warlock and Necromancer offer three things for low level mages: instant cast spells, self-healing, and a pet. Basically as a Mage you will rarely have time to channel casts, especially at a low level. This is in part because Mages are frequently targets for other players since they are the softest class.

This spec allow you to place DoTs (Damage over Time) on multiple targets while sending your pet out while you cast from a safe spot. DoT up everything, use Transmogrify on a healer, and let your pet sit on an enemy caster. You will be safe hanging 30 yards back from the enemy and with a few instant casts you can actually dish out quite a bit of damage.

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Note: I have also seen Chloromancer used with some success; this can also be a viable option, particularly if your warfront is short on healers.

Build for Level 50:

At level 50, it is the recommendation of this Rift Mage PvP guide to go for a Dominator / Archmage build.

Now that you have enough talent points to spread around, Archmage can make up for the survivability talents that you will now lose from Warlock and Necromancer.

When talented, the Dominator soul does just that – dominates. Between Transmogrify, Mass Exhaustion, power/energy drains, -healing and damage debuffs, and more, the Mage can literally keep multiple players controlled at the same time. Imagine a 5v5 at The Codex when the Mage uses Transmogrify on one healer, the 100% healing debuff on another healer, Mass Exhaustion on ranged DPS, and then drains the Warriors power? Who do you think will win the 5v5 in this situation?

The Mage is not a class of massive damage but rather one of control, especially at level 50. If you are a good player and making use of your abilities, you literally dominate the other team single-handedly. Learn to use your crowd-control abilities early and often and you will do well.

Rift Mage PvP Guide – Warfronts:

  • The Black Garden: At this Warfront, the Mage’s main priority should be to CC healers when trying to recover the fang. Holding the fang alone does plenty of damage; use Transmogrify and your healing debuff on any healers you see and the fang carrier will drop it shortly. On defense, do the opposite and work on CCing DPS to protect your fang holder.
  • The Codex: Since the Mage is the master of control, it does better at big battles. Stick to the Codex where you can use your crowd control abilities to lock down several players. This will allow your team to cap the flag during the initial skirmish and stall the other team late in the match when you need backup.
  • Whitefall Steppes: Much like at The Black Garden, your primary objective should be to shut down healers. No class can block healing like a Mage, so use all your crowd control abilities to lock out healing when trying to get your flag back. Use your CC on DPS if you are escorting the enemy’s flag back to your base.
  • The Battle of Port Scion: The Mage shines here in helping escort sourcestone runners back to the base. Chaincast Transmogrify on DPS who jump on your carrier. Use Mass Exhaustion if it becomes overwhelming.

Rift Mage PvP Guide Conclusion

As you can see, the Mage is quite adept at PvP but only if played right. Do not count on hard-charging into the fight and blowing up the other team. Instead, use your vast crowd-control abilities to lock down multiple players on the other team so your teammates can take down players one at a time.

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