Rift Marksman Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideThe Marksman is one of the coolest souls available in all of Rift. In this Rift Marksman guide, I will be revealing what makes this class so good, how to play this class, what abilities to use, and go over good soul pairings.

Marskman Strengths

The Marksman has two strong points: DPS and mobility. The Marksman is probably the best overall DPS soul for Rogues in the game. If you want to raid and do dungeons, you will have no problem being useful when using this spec.

When standing in place, the Marskman’s damage is extreme. Abilities like Deadeye Shot and Marksman’s Pedestal help push the Rogue’s damage to the highest levels.

However, perhaps the best thing about the Marksman is its extreme mobility. You have two abilities (Quick Shot and Hasted Shot) which improve your base movement speed. As a Marksman, you can be running at +25% movement speed at nearly all times, making the Marksman the king of kiting.

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Additionally, the Marksman gets a variety of knockbacks and abilities that allow it to use its most powerful abilities (like Deadeye Shot) while running.

The Marksman also deals incredible burst damage. Follow up Strafe (31 point talent) with Hit and Run and a 5-Point Deadeye Shot (with Bull’s Eye active) and you can dish out huge amounts of burst damage all while moving. The damage potential here is incredible, making the Marksman good at both PvE and PvP.

Best Abilities – Which to Use

In this part of the Rift Marksman guide, I will be going over the best abilities to use. The general playstyle for using the Marksman is to use basic abilities to build up to 5 combo points and then use your combo points on a powerful finisher (such as Deadeye Shot or Rapid Fire Shot).

At later levels, you get a few abilities which have a short cool-down (Lightning Fury and Empowered Shot). You want to use these whenever they are off cool-down.

For example, your sequence might look like this:

Lightning Fury –> Empowered Shot –> Quick Shot x3 –> Bull’s Eye Shot –> Quick Shot –> Quick Shot –> Quick Shot –> Lightning Fury –> Quick Shot –> Quick Shot –> Bull’s Eye Shot –> Empowered Shot (and so on).

Do not think the Rift Marksman guide proposed ability order is set in stone. When using special abilities like Marksman’s Pedestal or Barbed Shot (if kiting), this could change quite a bit.

Your goal should be to keep the Lightning Fury debuff active, use Empowered Shot whenever you are not at 4 or 5 combo points, and use Bull’s Eye Shot whenever those are down. Once you reach a higher level, Rapid Fire Shot might be good, but at lower levels

Soul Pairings

There are really only 2 viable soul pairings I should mention in this Rift Marksman Guide: Bard or Ranger.

For leveling up, I recommend a hybrid of all 3 souls as mentioned in the Rift Rogue leveling guide. This way you can pick up healing from Bard, pets from Ranger, and speed from Marksman.

For pure DPS, you can opt for a 32 Marksman / 32 Ranger / 2 points where you want build.

For 5-mans and support-oriented roles, you can go 32 Bard / 34 Marksman. This build allows you to get powerful group healing and buffs while maintaining great damage from the Marksman build.

Rift Marksman Guide – Key Talents

When it comes to dealing damage, you need to pick up the following talents (maxed out): Single Minded Focus, Increased Fire Power, Sharpshooter, Penetrating Shots, Master Archer, Sniper Training, Killer Instinct, Crossfire, Strafe.

This adds up to 31 total points. You can, of course, add in more talents. This includes none of the movement speed talents, so it is not ideal for PvP but rather for raiding.

When leveling up and PvPing, you will want to pull points out of Master Archer (and use your 2 leftover points from going 32 Bard and pull 1 more point from any damage-boosting talent) to grab Repelling Shot, On the Double, Getaway, Improved Swift Shot, Close Quarter’s Combat, and Rapid Extraction.

This will give your Marksman multiple snare breaks, knockbacks, and other methods for getting away from melee enemies. Going 32 Bard allows you to use Cadence to heal your group and build combo points. You can then those drop those combo points for Deadeye Shot or Hasted Shot.

Rift Marksman Guide Conclusion

The Marksman is a highly versatile class that excels at dealing damage. It is a great soul to use in both PvE and PvP, and by using the talents and builds mentioned in this Rift Marksman Guide you should know exactly what to get when building the perfect Marksman.

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