Rift Professions Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this Rift Professions guide, I will be covering all the Professions in Rift Planes of Telara. You will know what each profession does, who it is best for, and its strengths and weaknesses.

Since each character can learn up to 3 professions, you can spend a lot of time on professions if you so desire.

Rift Professions List

There are nine total professions in Rift; three of which are gathering-based and six of which produce items. Butcher, Forager, and Miner are gathering professions, whereas Outfitter, Apothecary, Artificer, Runecrafter, Armorsmith, and Weaponsmith are crafting professions.

Below, I will go into detail about what each profession does so you know which one is right for you.


Apothecaries primarily produce potions from herbs gathered by the Forager. You can get potions which heal and also buff stats. Apothecaries also can create a variety of bombs which have various effects on the opponent, such as dealing damage.


Armorsmiths produce plate armor, chain armor, and shields. It uses a lot of mining materials (metal) but also requires some leather (gathered by the Butcher). Armorsmiths can break down shields, chain, and plate armor into materials.


Artificers produce wands, staves, rings, and amulets. Think of them like a Goldsmith from previous games. Most of your materials will require mined items, but some also require lumber (gathered by a Forager). Artificers can break down jewelry into materials.


Butchers can skin slain enemy beasts for their hides. Items gathered from Butchering are used in a vast variety of professions, even Apothecary. However, the materials gathered by a Butcher are used primarily by the Outfitter and Armorsmith.

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Butcher is a good profession for anyone to pick as you can skin plenty of things while leveling up. Even if you do not want to use them yourself you can always sell these goods on the auction house.


Foragers gather plants and lumber which is usually found lying on the ground. Since they harvest both herbs and lumber, Foraging materials are needed by almost every profession in the game, making this a potentially profitable area.


Miners gather ore and gems from nodes which spawn randomly throughout the world. I have noticed that Weaponsmith (likely to be the most popular profession) requires a lot of ore to level up, so mining is likely to be the most profitable of all the professions in early game play.

It is the recommendation of this Rift professions guide to grab mining if you just want to make extra gold.


Outfitters create cloth and leather items. They require butchered materials and cloth which drops from NPCs. Outfitters can also create bags and can break down cloth and leather armor into materials.


Runecrafters produce weapon and armor enchantments from magic material. Runecrafters get their supplies by breaking down magic armor and weapons.

This profession functions much like Enchanting in World of Warcraft, except you produce runes which you can then trade and sell to other players instead of having to directly enchant a piece of equipment.


Weaponsmiths produce all weapons aside from wands and staves. Weaponsmiths primarily require metals (from mining) but also need some lumber (from foraging) to make their weapons.

Weaponsmith seems to be one of the most expensive professions to level and will not likely yield a profit unless you are one of the first on your server to hit the top level.

Note that there are many 1-hand weapons in game, so you are much more likely to make some money off this profession by crafting two-handed weapons as well as bows and guns.

Rift Professions Guide Conclusion

You should now have a good idea of how each profession in Rift works. Even if you have no interest in leveling professions, you should at least pick up the three gathering professions.

This way you can gather ore, herbs, lumber, and leather when you are questing and otherwise leveling up. It is a great way to earn some extra platinum with minimal effort!

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