Rift PvP Leveling Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideAfter hitting 50 quickly in Rift on my main, I knew I wanted to level up a second character on the same server so I could choose between 2 callings. However, the thought of doing any more questing was not very appealing to me as I had already just quested to 50.

I came up with the idea of leveling up to 50 without doing a open world quest after level 10, and I have to admit it is working out much better than I expected.

I will be the first to admit that this is not the fastest way to level (in fact it is quite slow) but it is a lot of fun and a great change of pace from questing.

Here is how to start:

  • Roll a new PvP character. I picked Warrior; I would recommend Warrior or Cleric since they are so good at PvP compared to Rogue and Mage.
  • Quickly quested to level 10.
  • Run to Argent Glade (or the Defiant equivalent – it is the town on the water but I cannot remember name) to get the porticulum unlocked. At level 12 you will want to warp back here to pick up the 2 PvP rewards for a few hundred favor each from the PvP Goods vendor.
  • Run to Sanctum (or Meridian) to pick up the PvP quests and Porticulum.
  • Start queuing for The Black Garden

You will level up quite quickly from the experience points from defeating other players, from the PvP quests, and from the large XP rewards for winning a warfront.

This of course slows down once you hit about level 20 as the amount of XP a warfront awards scales much slower than the amount of XP required to next level.

Gear and Rested XP

The biggest thing most players will wonder about is how to get gear with this approach. Additionally, rested XP does not get credited to you from Warfronts and will start to build up.

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The solution to this is to participate in Rift events and invasions in between queues. This will give you the planarite you need to purchase the rare and epic rewards off the Rare Planar Goods vendors in each camp. You will also spend your rested XP fighting Rift mobs.

Since you level much slower using this approach, you will actually get a lot of mileage out of the Rare Planar Vendor items, making it a decent approach.

Whenever a zone-wide invasion event occurs, you can take a break from warfronts and participate in that so you can get the sourcestone you need for the epic rewards as well.

In addition to planarite gear, you can scrap together a decent set of rare gear (much better than your contemporaries you will be battling against) by buying items off the PvP goods and faction vendors.

Also, you can do each dungeon one time in order to get the 1-2 blue pieces you get from the dungeon quests. This will help outfit your character as well.

Here is an example from my PvP Warrior at 25 Warrior:

  • 2x level 18 rings and 1x level 18 rare equipment piece from the “PvP Goods” vendor in Gloamwood Pines.
  • Level 17 rare weapon from Realm of the Fae quest (I am Riftblade-specced so weapon damage does not matter much or I would replace with a green off the auction house)
  • 2 Level 24 rares off the “PvP Goods” vendor in Scarlet Gorge.
  • 1 Level 25 rare (necklace) off the reputation vendor for The Codex.
  • Planarite gear from Gloamwood Pines and Scarlet Gorge.
  • Doing all the Rift events between queues afforded me the Sigil of the Land (3 lesser slots, 1 greater slot) and plenty of planar essences to fit into the slots.

The only greens I had at this level were a helmet, a shield, and a bow. I got the shield and bow off the daily quest (out of the bags) and I bought the helmet off the Auction House. I will be able to replace the helmet at level 30 from the PvP goods vendor in Scarwood.

I will also be able to get planarite gear in Scarwood once I reach a high enough level to get the next tier of sourcestone. Running some of the quests from the ancient wardstones can be an easy way to get sourceshards for this as well.

Higher Tier Gear

From the path mentioned in this article, you can also get gear from the following places:

  • Moonshade Highlands: PvP Goods and Rare Planar Goods vendor
  • Lvl 35 faction based PvP rewards in Sanctum/Meridian (3 total, 1 for each of the 3 available warfronts)
  • Droughtlands: PvP Goods Vendor and Rare Planar Goods Vendor
  • Iron Pine Peak: PvP Goods Vendor and Rare Planar Goods vendor
  • Lvl 45 faction-based PvP rewards
  • When you hit 50, you can start working on prestige and getting all epic PvP rewards.


Again, this is definitely not the fastest way to level up but simply an alternative way to get some more replay value out of Rift. It is a great way to play an alt character or for people who are only interested in PvP and Rifts

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