Rift Rogue Builds

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this article, I will be revealing the best Rift Rogue builds in the entire game.

By using the powerful soul combinations recommended in this article, you will be able to level up quickly, deal a lot of damage, dominate in PvP, and even tank!

Best Rift Rogue Leveling Build

For leveling up, there is no better combination than the Bard, Marskmen, and Ranger. This class has self-healing, a pet, and some of the best damage in the game – it just does not get any better than this!

The first thing you want to is get 10 points in Bard as you can pick up Invigorated soul. This lets you use Cadence any time you want to heal you and your pet.

Additionally, with two points in Bard, you can get Anthem of Competence, which significantly improves movement speed. This makes leveling faster than any damage boost could as it makes you move faster.

Next, grab Ranger. You do not have to put any points in this role; just get it so you can have a pet.

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Finally, for your third soul, get Marksman. The Swift Shot and Hasted Shot allow you to move very quickly between monsters, significantly improving leveling speed. Deadeye Shot also becomes the best use of combo points in the game once you get to rank 3.

You can use Cadence to heal and generate combo points, use two Swift Shots, then finish the enemy with Deadeye Shot. This will kill most enemies outright and leave you with a full health pool.

For more details on this Rift Rogue leveling build and how to progress it so a higher level, see the Rift Rogue leveling guide.

Best Rift Rogue DPS Build

If maximal damage is your game, then you will want to go straight for Marksman and put all ancillary points into Ranger. Ignore all the movement speed talents in the Marksman tier and only focus on ones that help you do damage.

For example, Repelling Shot and Improved Swift Shot are soloing and PvP abilities; there is no need for them in a dungeon. Instead, Increased Fire Power and Sharpshooter are much better talent points.

Your pet, when controlled well, can actually be a nice extra source of damage. In dungeons I recommend keeping it dismissed as sometimes the pathing can draw aggro; it is much easier to only use it on boss fights.

As a third soul, you can consider the Bladedancer; six points will get you some nice passive stats and the Combat Pose dexterity buff. More time and testing will be needed to see just how effective each 31 point talent is to know whether this is ideal or not. For now, just know that Marksman and Ranger deals the most damage.

Best PvP and Dungeon Rift Rogue Build

Strangely enough, out of the Rift Rogue Builds, I consider the best PvP and Dungeon build to be one and the same: Bard and Marksman.

Cadence is incredibly powerful in PvP; the group healing is massive since your team is clumped up and multiple players may be taking damage at once. To make things even better, Cadence generates quick combo points which you can then dump on Deadeye Shot or Hasted Shot.

The movement speed upgrades in Marksman allow you to chase down dying players very easily and allow you to escape as well. When you are in trouble, fire off Repelling Shot then a Hasted Shot and run for it. If that does not work, you have On the Double and Crossfire to get distance on an opponent.

Rift Rogue Tanking Build

There are two builds I would recommend for Rogue tanking: Riftstalker and Bard (low-level) and Riftstalker and Blade Dancer (high level).

At a low level, many healers do not have high-powered spells yet, so you will benefit immensely from 9 points in Bard for Anthem of Glory and Invigorated Soul. Put the rest of your points in Riftstalker. This way, after you have hate established, you can use Cadence to help heal yourself and the group.

At a higher level, you will want to put points into Riftstalker and Blade Dancer. I recommend putting a lot of points (31) into Blade Dancer. Pick up all the important mitigation talents and be sure to grab Improved False Blade and Disengage.

Improved False Blade means that every time you use False Blade (a Blade Dancer skill), you gain 5% dodge and 6% parry. This is a massive amount for a tank.

Additionally, given your dodge and parry rate with this Rift Rogue build, you will be able to use Disengage practically every 20 seconds. Keeping your enemy stunned 20% of the time is great for tanking!

Soloing Tough Enemies

While the level cap has prevented us from exploring this possibility just yet, I think that the Rogue will be one of the best classes for soloing tough monsters. I am under the impression that a 26 Blade Dancer, 25 Bard, 14 Riftstalker (or 22 Blade Dancer, 26 Bard, 18 Riftstalker) build will be very effective at soloing tough enemies.

You get a lot of great mitigation talents from Blade Dancer and Riftstalker yet you get a lot of good self-healing abilities from Bard. More details on this spec to come!

Rift Rogue Builds Conclusion

No matter what you like to do in Rift, the Rogue is a highly versatile calling. By using these Rift Rogue builds, you can experience the best of what the Rogue class has to offer!

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