Rift Rogue Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this Rift Rogue guide, I will be revealing the everything you need to know about the Rift Planes of Telara Rogue. In particular, I will be discussing the best Rogue souls, the best Rogue leveling specs, the best abilities, and more!

Some of the topics in this Rift game Rogue guide are too big to fit into a single article so I have created new pages for each aspect of this Rift Rogue guide. Here is the index:

  • Rift Rogue Gameplay – A complete overview of Rogue gameplay and the mechanics of the class so you can see if Rogue is a good choice for your playstyle
  • Rift Rogue Souls – a complete list of all the Rogue souls, what they are used for, good combinations, and the pros and cons of each soul
  • Rift Rogue Builds – a discussion of not only the best builds but also other viable Rogue builds (such as tanking and off-specs)
  • Rift Rogue Leveling Guide – here I reveal the ultimate soul and skill combination to super-charge your Rogue’s leveling speed. I was able to go from 1-20 in an afternoon of playing using the spec outlined here!
  • Rift Rogue Stats – discover what each stat does for the Rogue so you can maximize the effectiveness of your equipment!

Rift Rogue Guide: Class Overview

In Rift, the Rogue has several roles, depending on your spec. The majority of the Rogue souls are damage-dealers, however, some off-specs are available. In particular, the Bard is a great support class and the Riftstalker is actually outfitted to be a tank.

The only class Rogues cannot play are healers. The Bard has some good healing capabilities for group healing but it is not strong enough to solo-heal a dungeon.

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Note that Rogues include both the “Thief”-type classes and “Hunter/Ranger” type classes that are typical of other MMORPGs. Rogues can dual-wield daggers and rely on trickery or can also use Rifles, Bows, and summon pets depending on which soul you pick.

Rogue Equipment

As mentioned throughout this Rift Rogue guide, Rogues can use a variety of weapons. The primary weapons for a Rogue are 1-handed weapons. They can use every type including axes, swords, daggers, and maces.

Rogues wear Leather armor, which is fairly light in terms of the amount of damage it can absorb. Rogue tanks rely on talents which boost their innate defenses.

What Makes the Rogue Unique

If you are going to select a Rogue to play in Rift, you should know what separates it from the other callings. First off, Rogues are the kings of ranged physical DPS. No other class can deal as much damage as the Rogue with a gun or bow.

I am reluctant to state that Rogues are the best melee DPS class in-game because I have found that my Paragon (Warrior) deals more damage my Rogue. With that said, my Rogue is much more survivable and can solo more powerful enemies.

On the topic of soloing, when making this Rift Rogue guide, I found that Rogues have perhaps the most viable soloing build in-game. I also believe they are the fastest levelers. See the Rift Rogue Leveling guide for more details on this build.

The melee souls however feel fairly weak in PvE but should shine in PvP. The Bard is an amazing group PvP class and the Rogue is by far the best 1v1 class I have played. For those who want to raid, the Marksman (ranged) class dishes out large quantities of damage as well.

Rift Game Rogue Guide Conclusion

After putting together this Rift Rogue guide, it is my belief that the Rogue is a great class for anyone who wants to deal damage, PvP, tank, or run instances. Rogue is definitely one of the stronger callings in the game with the right soul combinations.

To sum up my feelings about the Rogue, I must admit that after having played every calling I believe I may make the Rogue my main class.

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