Rift Rogue Leveling Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIf you want to level up your Rogue in Rift as quickly as possible, then look no further. In this Rift Rogue leveling guide, I will be revealing the best soul and talent combinations so you can level up quickly and efficiently.

Remember that the souls you pick for leveling up can be changed later in the game. Once you head to the main town (Sanctum or Meridian) you will be able to get quests to unlock every soul for your calling.

You can change souls at any time at your trainer once they are unlocked. For this reason, it is wise to pick an effective soul combination as outlined in this Rift Rogue leveling guide.

You can always go back and change at the trainer at any point, so just follow the plan below and change after you level up. You can even unlock up to 4 different “roles” by purchasing them at the trainer. You can swap between these roles at any time!

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By unlocking roles, you can swap between this leveling build, your PvP build, and your dungeon build at any time. With that said, the soul combination I am recommending in this Rift Rogue leveling guide is not only great for soloing but also for PvP and dungeons, so respecs are not necessary!

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide – The First Soul

For your first soul, you will want to select Bard. I know the Bard does not seem very exciting and many players mistakenly overlook this soul due to name alone. However, this Rift Rogue leveling guide depends on it so do not make that mistake.

This is your main class (to start at least). Bard is actually quite powerful at low levels as Cadence deals as much damage as any other soul’s ability and Coda of Wrath is outright the best finisher for any Rogue prior to level 12.

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide – The Second Soul

For your second soul, you will want to pick up Ranger. You do not actually want to put any points into Ranger; the only reason we unlock it second is because you get a pet right away. The pet is pretty good and helps you tank. Instead, put all your spare points into Bard.

By level 10, you should have 10 points invested into Bard. In particular, you want to pick up 3/3 Invigorated Soul and 1/1 Anthem of Glory. The tenth point unlocks Anthem of Competence, which makes running around and questing much faster.

When you get Invigorated Soul, your life will change and you will understand the true power of the Bard. This deals decent damage and heals both you and your pet. You can easily take on 2-3 mobs at once: your pet tanking one and yourself tanking the rest.

Since Cadence is an area of effect heal, so it is like doubling your healing when you split damage between yourself and your pet.

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide – The Final Soul

Now, for your third soul, we will pick Marksman. You may be wondering.. why has this Rogue leveling guide not just had me pick up Marksman from the beginning instead of Ranger?

The answer is simple: the pet. You will want the Boar to tank for you while you can use the high-powered Marksman abilities to level up quickly.

The truth is that Marksman abilities are actually quite weak at lower levels but scale very well. At level 10, your Bard abilities (Cadence and Coda of Wrath) are actually more powerful than your Marksman abilities, so you can use those for damage. You can, however, finish off monsters with Hasted Shot help speed up movement between quest objectives.

Levels 15-30

From here, continue to put points in Marksman as you level up. By level 15, your Marksman abilities really start to shine. Empowered Shot + Cadence + 5 point Deadeye Shot will take out nearly any even-level monster and you will remain at full health.

Just keep putting points into Marksman and be sure to pick up the movement speed talents (Improved Swift Shot and On the Double) as these make leveling up a lot faster.

Levels 31-50

At this point, I actually recommend respeccing. In my experience in putting together this Rift Rogue leveling guide that your pet starts to get a little weak around level 31.

In order to get access to better pets, you will now need to put more points into Ranger. I recommend just dropping Marksman altogether and going 31 points in Ranger.

Opt for these talents: Killing Focus, Bestial Fury, Piercing Shot, Exposure, Rain of Arrows, and Trick Shot (the other talents are personal preference).

Next, make sure you still pick up your 8 points in Bard for Invigorated Soul. Additionally, put 2 more points in Bard to grab Motif of Restoration.

After putting together this Rift Rogue leveling guide I can say that this build is ideal take to level 50. If you want, you can keep putting points in Ranger to strengthen up your pets or you can pick up Marksman to work on Deadeye Shot.

The only mandatory aspects of this Rift Rogue leveling guide are that you get the Blood Raptor (31 points in Ranger), and Invigorated Soul and Motif of Restoration (12 points in Bard). After that, everything is about personal preference.

You will want to use the Blood Raptor in dungeons (it deals great damage for low threat, and it heals itself so it rarely dies) and your Greater Razorback when playing solo (best tank). Do not make the mistake of using the Raptor when soloing, you need the pig to tank for you.

Also, Rain of Arrows is a great ability when working through those pesky areas where several enemies aggro you at once.

Rift Rogue Leveling Guide Conclusion

If you want to level up quickly, it is my recommendation that you stick to the three souls mentioned in this article. With high-powered finishers from Marksman, a Ranger’s pet, and self-healing from Bard, this is the ultimate Rift Rogue leveling guide!

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