Rift Rogue PvP Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this Rift Rogue PvP guide, I will be going over exactly how to play a Rogue in Warfronts in Rift. This includes not only strategies but also some information on Rogue PvP builds that help support these roles.

Before we start, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • This is a guide to playing Rogue in Warfronts, not jumping random lowbies questing. You do not need a guide for that.
  • Your Rift Rogue PvP build needs to support your role. When you go in a warfront, you should be thinking about what role you want to fill rather than how to do damage. Unfortunately, Rogues do not do much damage at level 50, so you might as well just re-roll Warrior or Mage if you want to blow people up.

Rift Rogue PvP Guide – Rogue Roles

The Rogue in Rift has a few very specific niches it can fill that make it very useful:

  • Flag Runner – Run sourcestone in The Battle of Port Scion and Whitefall Steppes
  • Flag Sniper – Blow up the sourcestone carriers in The Battle of Port Scion and Whitefall Steppes and “ninja” nodes in The Codex.
  • Support – Use crowd-control abilities, light healing, and buffs to support the group in any Warfront.

These are the three viable roles for a Rogue right now in Warfronts. Below you will find more information on each role:

Sourcestone Runner

Without question, the Rogue is the best flag-runner in Whitefall Steppes and best sourcestone carrier in The Battle of Port Scion. If you play well, you can single-handedly turn the tide in The Battle of Port Scion.

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What you want to do is spec 45 Riftblade (picking up every defensive talent) and 21 Infiltrator (picking up the “Ignore Pain” talent). Now, you have a variety of plane-shifting spells and cooldowns which reduce damage taken (Ignore Pain, Planar Refuge, etc). Now:

  • Use “Memory Capture” at a safe point outside of the chapel towards your faction’s side.
  • Make sure you use “Guardian Phase” for extra stamina and defense.
  • Stealth into the back of the chapel right next to a sourcestone.
  • Use Void Prison on the NPC the sourcestone.
  • Use Shadow Warp to teleport to the entrance of the chapel.
  • Once at the entrance of the chapel you can use Flashback to teleport back to a safe spot.
  • When you perfect this, you can use Shadow Warp –> Flash Back and literally instantly warp out of the chapel without taking a hit.

Turn in the sourcestone and repeat! You can use abilities like Ignore Pain, Defer Death, and Planar Refuge to escape from even dozens of enemy players – all you have to do is pick up the sourcestone and you are good to go.

Sourcestone Sniper

If you prefer to take a more offensive role, you can use the Saboteur soul to “blow up” sourcestone carriers such as the flag carrier in Whitefall Steppes or the sourcestone carriers in Port Scion.

What you want to do is spec 51 points into Saboteur and 15 points into Infiltrator (to get the Anathema ability). Next:

  • Place one type of each damaging charge on the flag carrier (1 Blast Charge, 1 Spike Charge, 1 Caltrop Charge, etc). This is because the Charge Booster ability increases each charge by +1, making it a huge buff to your damage if you use 1 of each type rather than 5 blast charges.
  • Before detonating, throw up the Anathema ability.
  • Detonate, use rapid-set up, then detonate again. You can also then follow-up with carpet bomb and drop Choke Bombs on all casters. This will prevent the carrier from getting healed.

It is very effective when perfected. While you are a bit weak when your moves are on cool-down, this character is one of the best “snipers” in the game and can really help stop the other team from getting sourcestone.

Support Role

The final effective role for the Rift Rogue is support. What you want to do is spec into Bard, picking up all buff-related spells and ending up with 34 points in Bard. Put the rest in Marksman.

This allows you to:

  • Constantly CC any class with Verse of Captivation. Verse of Fascination also helps CC groups of players at once (great to use at The Black Garden when everyone is grouped up).
  • Provide light group healing with Cadence and Coda of Restoration.
  • Provide speed increases via Anthem of Competence for sourcestone carriers.
  • Provide general buffs (Motifs), which are great for 20 man warfronts (The Battle of Port Scion).
  • Leftover points in marksman allow you to put out damage if you need to (Riff –> 5-point Bull’s Eye + Hit and Run + Deadeye Shot is fast way to crit for 1000-1500).

While not the most exciting role, a good player can cause serious disruption with Verse of Captivation, keeping a player on the other team constantly out of the game while still providing buffs and healing.

Rift Rogue PvP Guide Conclusion

You should now have a good idea of how to play a Rogue in Warfronts. If you have been feeling useless as an Assassin, Ranger, Marksman, or the like, it is for good reason. Leave those specs behind and settle into a real role where you can actually help your team and you will find that you win a lot more Warfront matches that way.

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