Rift Rogue Souls List

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this article, I will be revealing each of the Rift Rogue souls and what they are best used for. Read on to discover the strengths, weaknesses, and best way to effectively use each Rift Rogue soul!


The Assassin soul fits the traditional “Thief” archetype. This soul excels at stealthing, attacking enemies from behind, and using poisons and bleed effects.

Out of all the souls in this Rift Rogue souls list, the Assassin is the perfect for the player who enjoys sneaking up and jumping unsuspecting players. In addition to stealthing techniques, this class can stun and has armor-piercing abilities.


Do not let the name fool you – the Bard is easily my favorite Rift Rogue soul. Its abilities are very good and quite fun to use. As a Bard, you have powerful group healing abilities, moderate damage capabilities, and decent group buffs.

What makes this class so good is that you can use the group healing abilities and buffs while using another soul to primarily deal damage. Cadence heals the Bard and allies (including pets) and generates a lot of combo points; you can then turn around and use those combo points on another Rogue soul’s finishing moves.

Blade Dancer

The Blade Dancer soul is a combination of a dual-wielding melee fighter and a tank. While alone the Blade Dancer is not a good tank, it has a variety of mitigation abilities which could be quite useful.

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Outside of playing solo and perhaps PvP, I do not see Blade Dancer being anyone’s “main” soul in dungeons, but is a good choice as a second or third soul for a Rogue tank. Pair this with the Riftstalker and you will end up with a lot of mitigation.


The Marksman is my second favorite soul on this Rift Rogue souls list. This soul has two features: high-powered ranged DPS and mobility.

The Marksman’s abilities are quite powerful. It has a lot of great abilities and when standing still it is one of the highest single-target DPS classes in the game. While Deadeye Shot has to be casted, it is one of the most powerful abilities in the game.

To make the soul even stronger, the Marksman has what I believe to be the greatest mobility out of any class in the game. Swift Shot and Hasted shot significantly improve the Marksman’s movement speed and can both be fired while running. This makes kiting other player’s a breeze.

The Marksman also gets a lot of talents which allow it to get range. In addition to movement speed increases, the Marksman gets several knockbacks, on-use snare breaks, and much more. I normally dislike ranged-DPS classes but this is one of my favorites.


The Nightblade is a very interesting class. I consider it to be a hybrid of the Assassin and Riftblade (Warrior) souls. This soul gets a lot of abilities similar to the Assassin but instead of physical damage it deals primarily in Fire and Death damage.

If you are going against well-armored targets, the Nightblade could be a great choice. We will have to wait a few months to see just how effective this class is as we do not yet know how well the magic abilities scale with gear.


The Ranger is another ranged-DPS class. The difference between Marksman and Ranger is simple: the Ranger sacrifices damage and mobility for a pet.

Your pet is quite strong and will tank for you while you shoot from range, which makes the Ranger is one of the best Rift Rogue souls for leveling up and solo play.


The Riftstalker is the Rogue tanking soul. Many of its abilities generate extra threat, so they are not viable for other Rogues to use. This class is also useful for solo play as Rogues can pick up extra healing and defensive capabilities which will go a long way.


The Saboteur is by far the most unique soul in the Rogue calling. This class attacks almost exclusively via bombs. This is definitely a PvP-oriented soul as you get a variety of traps, bombs, and abilities which are Player vs Player oriented.

The Saboteur is definitely a soul you want to check out, if only for the novelty of the class.

Rift Rogue Souls List Conclusion

Whether you want to deal damage, play in a group, tank, solo, or PvP, Rift’s Rogue calling has a lot of great souls to choose from so you never have to get bored with your class. I can recommend this calling to players of all types!

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