Rift Rogue Stats

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn this Rift Rogue stats guide, I will be revealing the most important things about the Rogue calling so you know exactly what stats to maximize and what weapons to pick.

Traditional Stats – For Non-Tanks

Most pieces of equipment have stats familiar to all MMORPGS: strength, dexterity, endurance, wisdom, and intelligence. Wisdom and intelligence help casters only, so these are not very useful for the Rogue (even magic abilities still appear to scale off attack power).

  • Dexterity – All Rogues need to maximize this stat. Dexterity increases Rogue attack power, improves critical hit rate, improves dodge rate, and improves parry rate. Basically this single stat increases Rogue damage, makes them crit more often, and makes them take less damage. Maximize it over all others.
  • Strength – Strength increases Rogue attack power and critical hit rate but is not quite as good as dexterity. It is good as a second stat but not worth going out of the way to get.
  • Endurance – Increases max HP. As far as Rift Rogue stats go, it is useful but not mandatory on every piece.

When looking at a piece of equipment, I like to try to maximize dexterity first and foremost and then think of strength and endurance as equal.

For example, I will wear whatever piece has the highest dexterity over nearly any other piece (excluding melee crit, hit, and other non-traditional stats).

Furthermore, when items have equal dexterity, I look at whichever has the highest strength or endurance (or combined value). I will wear a +10 dexterity +8 endurance piece over a +10 dexterity +7 strength piece. Since I like to think of endurance and strength as about equal, and 8 is a bigger number than 7, the larger stat-piece item wins out.

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This is liable to change come end-game. This page is just to help people pick out good gear for leveling up. In end-game you might be able to avoid getting as much endurance, but for soloing, endurance is great.

“Special” Stats: Attack Power, Physical Crit, and Physical Hit

As far as special stats go, attack power and physical crit are excellent stats to look for on pieces of equipment. With that said, they are rare on low-quality pieces of equipment and you instead have to look at rare and epic items for this.

Physical hit is not nearly as useful as it was in World of Warcraft, at least while leveling up. The vast majority of Rogue damage comes from specials rather than auto-attacking. This may change some at end-game, but I suspect that yellow damage will still be the majority of Rogue damage.

As a result, Physical Hit is a stat that you may want a little bit of but you can definitely get too much. Missing a white attack is nothing to worry about. If you are missing yellow attacks (it will actually say “Miss” and not dodge), then you need more +hit.

Many Rogues have talents that increase hit as well. The more +hit talents you have, the less +hit from gear you will need. You definitely need very little +hit when leveling up, so keep that in mind. Odds are you will need more +hit when facing higher level mobs (i.e. doing end-game dungeons). Just something to keep in mind when gearing up.


Everything that has been mentioned so far has been for DPS Rogues (and Bards). Rogues that are tanking will benefit immensely from stacking the following stats:

  • Endurance
  • Dodge
  • Parry
  • Dexterity
  • Strength

Endurance – Tanks will need a lot of it and this is probably your best Rift Rogue stat. This is because Rogues take more damage per hit as tanks and just happen to dodge more hits. This leads to them taking damage in spikes. The more health you have, the better your healer can react. Also, abilities like Rift Guard scale based on max health.

Dodge and Parry – These are excellent stats to focus on as Rogues already have a naturally high mitigation rate. By boosting this even further, you can significantly reduce the impact of physical attacks. This can also increase your threat generation if you pick up the Strike Back talent (7 points in Blade Dancer required).

Dexterity – This is a natural Rogue tanking stat as it will increase your damage (i.e. threat generation) as well as boost your mitigation by improving dodge and parry.

Strength – If you get a good piece of gear, you might wear something with a little bit of strength. This stat is secondary to Endurance and Dexterity, but if it is around you might as well grab it to boost your damage (threat).

Rift Rogue Stats Conclusion

While leveling up, you will do pretty well just by focusing exclusively on Dexterity and getting Strength and Endurance as secondary stats. Once you hit higher levels and get better gear this can of course change.

On the other hand, Rogue tanks want to maximize Endurance and Dexterity as their top priority. You can never have too much health as as Rogue tank!

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