Rift Saboteur Builds

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIn Rift, the Saboteur is one of the most popular souls that people choose for their Rogue. In this guide, I will be going over the best Rift Saboteur Build as well as discussing the Saboteur’s strengths and weaknesses.

Rift Saboteur Builds

Unlike other souls in the Rogue calling, the Saboteur does not play nice with others. When you decide to go for Saboteur as your main soul, know that you will be using primarily Saboteur abilities.

This is because the Saboteur attaches “charges” (i.e. explosives) as its primary attack. Charges add combo points and a debuff on the enemy. When you use your “detonate” ability, the charges explode, dealing damage for each charge (plus damage for combo points).

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As a result, you cannot freely mix one class abilities. You cannot use another soul’s combo point builders with Saboteur finishers and the only way to make charges explode is to use detonate (or Annihilation Bomb once you get to be a higher level).

As an example, a powerful strategy to use with other Rogue souls is to equip Bard for Cadence and then use the combo points on another soul’s finisher. This does not work with Saboteur as you have to stick to charges and detonate.

Second and Third Soul

Because of the charge/detonate mechanic, you should pick Rogue souls which will increase your Saboteur’s damage rather than looking to add extra abilities. to increase the damage your damage.

In particular, the Nightblade and Assassin have multiple, easy to access talents which give sizeable amounts of bonus damage.


Inside Nightblade, there are three key talents: Blazing Fury, Coup De Grace, and Unstable State. Blazing Fury is a static +15% damage to your combo point generating abilities (which is huge), Coup De Grace 15% for finishers, and Unstable State increases elemental damage by 9% (for your earth-based charges).

With all of these, a fully-charged Detonate will experience some significant improvements in damage. Embers Charge (earth-based) will get boosted even further.


Assassin also has some good abilities for the Saboteur. Ruthlessness, Murderous Intent, Cloak and Dagger, Cruel Vengeance, and Magnify Pain will all boost your damage.

For PvP, you can also pick up Blinding Powder, Improved Stealth, and Foul Play.

Rift Saboteur Builds for PvP

When everything is said and done, the Saboteur is definitely more PvP than PvE oriented. While you can be effective in PvE, it is much easier to be Marksman/Bard and you will bring a lot more to the group.

Saboteur really shines in PvP as the burst damage is so extreme. I recommend going 13 Nightblade, 31 Saboteur, and 22 Assassin. You can pick up Blinding and Improved Stealth in Assassin and all of the damage talents mentioned earlier.

In Saboteur itself, grab all of the talents that buff blast charge and detonate (i.e. Improved Blast Charge, Increased Explosive Power, Improved Detonate). You will also want to grab Entangling Trap. Everything else is personal preference.

Playing Saboteur in PvP

When using the Rift Saboteur builds mentioned in this article, playing the class well is quite easy, but playing amongst the best is difficult.

Once you have your Saboteur set up like this, you are ready to roll. Find a target in PvP, throw on 5 blast charges, and then detonate. This will remove anywhere from 40-60% of the average player’s health bar. Repeat one more time and they are done!

You can make the burst more intense with the following combo:

  • Open with Paralyzing Strike (stuns enemy briefly but more importantly gives you +15% damage from Cloak and Dagger)
  • Throw on a Time Bomb
  • Build up 5 Blast Charges
  • Detonate
  • Foul Play (if you have it)
  • Throw on a few more charges
  • Annihilation Bomb before they come out of stun

The way this works is that the Time Bomb will blow up right around when you go to detonate. After detonating, stun the player with Foul Play.

They will already have low health from your Detonate ability, and now you have 4 more seconds to finish them off. Throw on a few more Blast Charges, then throw an Annihilation Bomb. With the Demolition Specialist talent, this will detonate your blast charges, deal damage, stun the opponent briefly.

If your opponent is not finished off after all those charges, then you are likely to be way outgeared!

Rift Saboteur Builds Conclusion

By using Saboteur with Nightblade and Assassin, you can create an excellent PvP class with the best burst damage in the game. While not mentioned in the article, abilities like Shrapnel Charge and your bombs make the Saboteur excellent in group PvP as well.

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