Rift The Black Garden Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideThe Black Garden is one of four Warfronts available in Rift: Planes of Telara. In this article, I will be going over the basics behind this warfront, the best strategies to use, and how to make the most out of The Black Garden.

Tip: You can queue for warfronts at any time anywhere in the world by bringing up the PvP menu (hit the “k” button on your keyboard).

First to 500 points wins or the team with the most points at the end of 20 minutes wins.


In The Black Garden, most of the scoring is done by holding the Fang of Regulos. Any player can pick up Fang and as they hold, it, their team earns points. The thing about holding the fang is that the points it awards change depending on your location on the map.

If you hold the fang in the center of the map, you can earn up to 6 points per tick (which happen about every 5 seconds), so the points add up very quickly when you are holding it in the center of the map. You win a game in 7 or 8 minutes if your team holds the Fang the entire time in the center of the map.

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When you hold the Fang, you also take regular damage, which increases over time. You can heal through this for awhile, but eventually the Fang holder will die. You cannot drop the Fang once you pick it up, so it is not a simple matter of dropping it then picking it back up. More then 1 player will have to hold the fang in each match.


Defeating other players should not be considered a viable way to earn points, as you would have to earn 250 kills in a single battle just to achieve this. Given the long respawns (up to 30 seconds), this is not likely. You also cannot mount in this Warfront, so when you get killed you are taken out of the fight for quite a long time.

As a result, any “strategy” should revolve around holding the flag in the center of the map. Frankly, losing a 7 minute game provides more favor and prestige/xp than winning a 20 minute game, so running the Fang back to your graveyard (and getting 1 point a tick in the process) is not effective and not fun for any player involved.

Maintaining Control

The easiest way to win games in The Black Garden is by killing off the other team and then grabbing the Fang. Once the other team has wiped, you pretty much have won the warfront. Odds are they will resurrect at different times, so reinforcements will only stream in whereas your entire team of 10 remains alive (assuming you won the initial battle).

Healing is very “strong” in Warfronts, so focus down any Clerics first. Bards and Chloromancers do not put out significant healing by level 50, so focus on Clerics and on staying alive. Do not die and use the line of sight of the prongs around the fang to stay alive if necessary. It takes forever to respawn, so not dying is really important.

Due to these basic mechanics, it is extremely easy for a balanced pre-made to farm The Black Garden for honor. It is much easier and a much faster win than any other Warfront. All you have to do is come in with all 10 people at once, wipe the other team, grab the Fang, and stand around for 7 minutes until the match ends.


Due to the ease with which premades can farm this warfront, The Black Garden has become the haven for teams. It really is unfortunate as this is one of the most action-packed Warfronts for those who just want to skirmish against other players.

I recommend trying to get a premade together (or at least queuing with a healing Cleric) if you want to make a serious attempt at this warfront at level 50. Prior to 50, it is a lot of fun for all involved as premades do not make up the majority of queuing players.

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