Rift Warrior PvP Guide

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideIf you are reading this, congratulations! Warriors are the strongest class to play in player-vs-player match-ups in Rift (Clerics take a close second). In this Rift Warrior PvP guide, I will be going over exactly how to play a Warrior in PvP to completely dominate your opponents.


The Warrior has two key features that make it an excellent class to play in PvP:

  • It can use a shield and tanking gear and still dish out a lot of damage, making it practically immune to Rogues and Champions (“tank/DD” role)
  • It has the easiest to apply and strongest healing debuff in the game. It reduces healing received by 50% and lasts 15 seconds. It does not “wear off” after players get healed like the Rogue’s Anathema, and can easily be applied on a target with the “Proper Timing” guaranteed crit ability (“champ/DD” role)

Different roles shine in different warfronts, which makes this Rift Warrior PvP guide quite valuable to the would-be Warrior. Based on your level, gear, the warfront you are in, and the people you are playing against depends on how effective each role is.

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There are a few viable Warrior PvP specs. Fortunately for Warriors, the Riftblade soul is extremely powerful and I think the best soul in the entire game across all the classes in PvP. Players can use a shield with this spec and still deal full damage. Some key points:

  • Rift Surge almost takes out about 1/3 of a Rogue’s HP in a single cast.
  • You a ranged interrupt, a silence, a root, and many snares. Good players should use these to control the flow of battle and kill off healers.
  • Flamespear is your main DD ability.

There are a variety of ways you can use this build and I encourage you to experiment or even change around based on who you are playing against. Riftblade/Void Knight combo is very potent against healers and casters, as you get a variety of mana-draining and magic-resisting spells from Void Knight.

Riftblade/Paladin is great versus Rogues and other warriors, as you get good self-healing abilities, more mitigation, and Paladin’s Devotion (talented you can use it to break CC every 30 seconds). Combined with Riftwalk, this class is literally immune to crowd-control effects.

Both specs rely on Riftblade to do most of the damage.

Once you hit level 50 and get good gear, you can go Champion. Here are the key points:

  • Full 51 points in Champion
  • Other 15 in Vindicator (Warrior PvP soul)
  • Use a 2-handed weapon
  • Get at least prestige rank 3, associated gear, and an epic 2-h weapon before you go this way

When you drop the shield you lose a lot of mitigation, and Riftblade can do all the damage it needs from ranged. In short, you go from being a ranged impenetrable fortress to being the target of focus-fire. Your damage goes up significantly, but so does the damage you take. Get some valor and a 6k HP pool before going this route and your success will increase exponentially.

Warfront Strategies

Based on the Warfront you are playing in, each spec has a different role.

  • In The Codex, Riftblade/Paladin/Void Knight is an excellent defender of nodes. If you meet the pre-requisites for Champion, they can burst down healers quite easily which makes assaulting The Codex a lot easier.
  • In The Battle of Port Scion, the Riftblade/Paladin combo is ideal. There are so many players that Champions get “blown up” pretty quickly. With your tank gear on, you can jump around on the bridge and hold off the other faction for a long period of time while easily taking out any Rogues that you come across. Champions are good to intercept sourcestone runners, but less effective in large scale combat than Riftblades.
  • In Whitefall Steppes, the Champion is essential for taking out sourcestone carriers thanks to their healing debuff, AoE fear, and long stuns. A Paladin/Riftblade/VK combo is great for running flags as it can tank well and still help take out players trying to grab the flag.
  • In The Black Garden, the situation is much the same. For the initial battle, I like Riftblade since in a 10 on 10, melee classes are very vulnerable so its best to stay at range. With your roots (Stonespear), snares (the frost snare spell and earth burst) and silence (windspear), you can really control the pace of battle. If the enemy pulls the flag back to their base, you can always swap over to champion to quickly take them out.

Rift Warrior PvP Guide Conclusion

As you can see, there are really two roles the Warrior can play. However, you do not have to choose between the two if you are a serious PvPer like I am. You can set one role to Champion for taking out flag-holders and set the other role to Riftblade/Paladin/Void Knight for all-purpose play and running flags.

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