Rift Warrior Souls List

Note: This is part-2 of a two-part article. In part-1, we discussed basic Warrior mechanics and went over the first two souls: Beastmaster and Champion. You can read part 1 at Rift Warrior Guide.

Rift Warrior Souls

Click Here for the Best Rift GuideBelow, we will continue our Rift Warrior souls list and mention the function, pros and cons of the remaining seven Warrior souls.


The Riftblade is a very unusual class in that it deals most of its damage via magic. This makes it quite strong as a support class for other DPS-oriented Warriors and can even help tanks dish out a lot of damage through spells like Flamespear.

There are two major pros of this class: first off, a lot of its damage ignores armor, making it an excellent choice for players who are leveling up. Secondly, a lot of its abilities lend themselves to being excellent complements to other classes.

For this reason, Riftblade can be used as a second or third soul for nearly every primary Warrior build.


Paragon is the final DPS-oriented Warrior soul. Paragon is the best out of the Rift Warrior souls for raw damage. It also can deal a significant amount of damage from range and beats many melee classes in 1v1 fights at lower levels.

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This is a great leveling spec once you hit level 18 plus and I discussed this class in-depth in the Rift Warrior Leveling guide for that very reason.

The major con of this class is that you lack a lot of mobility provided by other classes. For this reason, going a full 51-point Paragon spec seems ideal for PvE but makes you a sitting target in PvP.

A hybrid spec involving the Riftblade’s Riftwalk and the Champion’s Bull Rush helps deal with this problem.

Paladin, Reaver, and Void Knight

I hate to lump all 3 these tanking Rift Warrior souls together, but they have a lot of overlapping functions. All of these souls are primarily used by those who want to tank.

At an early game, I am of the opinion that all of these specs will be just fine if you want to tank low-level dungeons. At a higher level, things will be different.

Paladin excels at tanking single targets and out of all the Rift Warrior souls, the Paladin gets the most mitigation talents, period. There are “extra threat” talents, spell mitigation talents, and a multitude of physical damage mitigation talents.

At level 50, I think it is safe to assume that the majority of tanks will have most of their points in Paladin. High level paladins also get a lot of healing talents and shields to sweeten the pot.

Reaver excels at AoE tanking. You get quite powerful dots and healing at low levels. The Reaver actually gets the least mitigation talents out of the Rift Warrior souls and rather gets more and more talents which help controlling multiple enemies.

For this reason, these tanks will be great at doing speed runs of small-group dungeons since you can handle a lot of enemies at once.

I am under the impression that even low-level DPS warriors could invest 6 points into Reaver for Soul Sickness and get some great healing. I will have to try this out and will report back!

Void Knight is billed as the best class for tanking magic-based enemies. They have a few effects which help reduce spell damage (most notably Residual Absorption), but overall this seems to be the weakest of the classes.

The mitigation talents provided to the Void Knight are not remarkable; what this class seems to do best is drain mana, silence, and actually deal significant amounts of damage to casters.

The question of the Void Knight’s viability depends on what end-game enemies are like. Traditionally, many end-game enemies will continue to cast spells regardless of mana and are immune to interrupts.

If this is the case, Void Knight will not be viable. However, if you can drain mana from bosses and interrupt their spells, Void Knight will be great. This may make Void Knight a solid choice for fighting in the Rifts, many of which feature powerful elite bosses that chain-cast spells (which can be interrupted).


Warlord is a “defensive” Warrior tree but in fact specializes in buffing raid members. The buffs are raid-wide but are fairly weak. As a result, Warlords have no place in small groups and are only effective in larger raids.

I can see a single Warlord being used in full raids given that they can off-tank while providing the raid with +6% physical and magic damage with nearly 100% uptime.


Vindicator is the Warrior PvP soul. Unlike the other Rift Warrior souls, Vindicator is unlocked by purchasing it with favor (favor is earned in player vs player battlegrounds, fights, and invasions).

Vindicator is also leveled up via prestige (earned from killing other players) rather than from experience points directly. I cannot comment on how good or bad this soul is as the game has not been around long enough to give it a thorough test.

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