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Shelby Smith

Many readers of this site have contacted me to do a Xerxes Guide review. After all, you have probably seen the ads on this site (and other sites) for this guide and may be wondering what it is all about.

In this Xerxes Guide review, I will be going over exactly what is in the guide (as I have access to it and even contributed to it personally) and what you can expect from it.

About Xerxes Guide

Xerxes guide consists of three major components which I will cover in this Xerxes Guide review: the beginners’ guide, the leveling guide, and the builds guide. Each of these offers a thorough review of the topics at hand and this kind of detailed game secrets cannot be found anywhere else.

Xerxes Guide is actually created by a team of 4 (3 writers and one for customer support) and they have put together an exceptional product unlike anything I have ever seen before.

The Beginners’ Guide

The beginners’ guide alone makes Xerxes guide worth it for anyone who is fairly new to MMOs or did not get to play the beta in Rift. This consists of three sections:

  • Mastery Guide – Inside the mastery guide, you will find everything you need to know about Rift. If you find yourself confused by different in-game acronyms and features, then this is the guide for you. This will allow you to learn the game inside and out so you can level up quickly and dominate in PvP without the game getting in your way. This guide is 28 pages in length.
  • UI Guide – While this may not seem exciting at first, a vast majority of players would benefit immensely from this guide. This shows you exactly how to master the interface of the game, allowing you to set up your hotbars, finding NPCs, using in-game questing system to level very quickly If you are the guy (or girl) asking where the Planarite Vendor is in Gloamwood, where the Class trainer is in Freemarch, or any other UI-related question, then you need to read over this so you can stop asking newbie questions in /4. This guide is 26 pages in length.
  • Rifting Guide – This guide explains everything you need to know about Rifts. Discover how to maximize your rewards, solo tough rifts, progress through the stages, and get the most out of each and every Rift and invasion. If you have are wondering how Rifts work and why sometimes your rewards are great but cannot figure out how to get them to the max every time, this guide is for you. 15 pages in length.

All in all, the Xerxes Guide has a beginners’ guide which is more comprehensive than most other Rift guides are altogether. After reading this guide, you will be the veteran answering everyone’s questions rather than being the newbie asking them!

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Xerxes Leveling Guide

If you are already an MMO-veteran, the leveling guide will be much more interesting to you and was one of the things I was most impressed with during my Xerxes Guide review.

The leveling guide actually consists of a collection of very incredibly detailed guides for every zone, including both Guardian and Defiant quests. This is where Xerxes’ team of writers comes in handy; they have players on both factions so they are able to deliver two great leveling guides for the price of one.

Each leveling guide is extremely detailed for each zone and contains pictures of each quest in the game. For example, the Gloamwood guide alone is a massive 50-page PDF! There are literally screenshots and directions for each and every quest in the game. By following this guide, you can level up very quickly while not ever worrying about running out of quests or wondering where to go next.

With that said, if you have been gaming for 10+ years like myself, you might think you do not need a step-by-step guide for leveling up in a game like Rift. However, the guide still comes in handy for the following reasons:

  • Whenever you get to a quest which you cannot figure out (trust me there are a few of them), simply open up the guide for the appropriate zone, click on the “find” function in adobe, and type in the quest name. This way, you can see all the information on that quest.
  • This same feature also comes in handy when someone links a group quest in chat and you have no idea how to get it. Just look it up in the guide and you will be able to see the issuing NPC and exactly where to find them.
  • The complete list of quests also helps address the perfectionist need to finish every quest in a zone before moving on (I know I am not alone here). Even if you do not follow the guide step-by-step, you can glance through each zone’s guide to check for any quests you may have missed. This is great because it allows you to unlock all the quest-related achievements for each zone.

All in all the Xerxes’ leveling guide is easily the best leveling guide compared to any other Rift guide out there and is very useful for both new and veteran players alike.

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Xerxes Builds Guide

The builds guide is the one place where Xerxes does fall short. While the other guides are great, the most important thing for any Rift player is to have great builds. I can say with 100% certainty that Xerxes guide has great Warrior and Rogue builds. How do I know this? Because I wrote those two guides myself!

However, currently it seems that the Xerxes Mage and Cleric guides are not complete. This is the one area of Xerxes guide that leaves more to be desired. I hope that they will be added

While many have asked, I am not the creator of Xerxes guide. After the creators saw this website, they asked me to contribute to the Rogue and Warrior builds guide, as these are the two callings that I personally play.

I know in my two guides I have given my best builds which are not shared anywhere, including the Rogue build which I used to hit 50 in just 3 days of playtime which I also use to solo level 50 Rifts to level 5.

You might be wondering.. why not share these builds with everyone and just post them on this site? Frankly, if I were to do that, everyone would then use those builds. While the developers work hard to keep everything balanced, we need to face reality and accept there will always be a “best” build for a given class.

If I was to give away the best builds on this site, every Rift player out there would use them. Once everyone started using the same build, it would get nerfed (i.e. reduced damage, survivability, etc). As a result, I decided to keep them a secret and only people who pick up Xerxes guide get access to them.

You might be thinking.. no build is really a secret, but that is not the case. I have not seen a single other player use the powerful build I used to go from 1-50 in just 3 days, and in fact the build I recommend is frequently though of as being “bad” and is not one of the popular Rogue builds.. but those players just have no idea how to access its true strength.

Here is what you get in the Rogue and Warrior builds guide:

  • The “best” builds for all 4 callings, tailored to PvP, leveling, solo play, dungeons, and raids.
  • You can set up your 4 different soul specializations for four different builds and freely switch between them based on what situation you are facing.
  • Build is everything. If you are getting rocked in PvP, odds are your build is simply not good for PvP.
  • As an example, every time someone has complained to me about their calling being bad in Warfronts, I ask them what their build is. Without fail, they are using a build which is not suited for PvP. Here is a tip: investing heavily in the PvP souls is usually NOT the best choice for PvP!

On the other hand, as mentioned, there Mage and Cleric guides need to be improved. There just is not much info on either calling at this time in the game. The guides offer no insight on the Mage or Cleric class over the free articles on this site.

If you take away one thing from this Xerxes Guide review, it should be the importance of a good build. If you have a bad build, you will be bad at the game. Gear or skill cannot save you. If you want to be good, level quickly, dominate in PvP, have people begging you to join their instance runs, and never have to worry about finding a group, then I strongly recommend looking at the Xerxes builds guide.

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Other Rift Guides

Many of you have seen other guides around on the internet with similar looking pages to Xerxes. In fact, many major Rift fansites advertise these guides.

These guides are copycats should not be compared to Xerxes. They absolutely not the same guide. In fact, every Rift guide I have seen except for Xerxes is, in my opinion, a thinly-veiled scam. I am sick of getting e-mails from “authors” asking me to plug their $47 “leveling guide” which in reality is just a 30 page PDF filled with inaccurate, worthless information. I wonder if some of these so-called authors has even played the game.

I know if I paid $47 for a flimsy, incomplete, 30-page guide, I would feel scammed. Save yourself the headache and heartache and stick to Xerxes as it is the only guide I have seen that delivers on its promises and is actually worth the investment.

Xerxes Guide Review Conclusion

If you love Rift, then you will love Xerxes Guide. It does not matter if you want to be the best in PvP and dungeons or just level up quickly, Xerxes has all the information you need to dominate Rift. If you are serious about Rift, then I strongly recommend checking out Xerxes Guide.

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